Decompression Traction

“Decompression Traction provides a comfortable, non surgical treatment for spinal disc injuries and spinal degeneration.”

Spinal traction has been utilized for the treatment of spinal disorders for many years. Initial forms of traction usually involved a hospital stay accompanied by a week or more of bed rest. The patient was harnessed to a device attached to plate weights suspended over the edge of the bed and the pull or traction was applied constantly for long durations.

This form of traction was followed by a second generation of traction which involved the application of traction or pull followed by a release of pull. This was called intermittent traction.

Unfortunately, neither of these forms of traction took into account what is called muscle guarding. Muscle guarding occurs when a muscle is stretched too quickly and causes the muscle to involuntary contract or tighten. The more muscle spasm or tightness accompanying a persons spinal injury the more likely muscle guarding would occur during treatment. As a result traction may have been uncomfortable for the patient and this muscle guarding prevented the full benefit of traction from being achieved.

Therefore we employ a revolutionary new form of traction called DTS. DTS is manufactured by the Chattanooga Physical Therapy Company, a leading producer of medical equipment for over 75 years. This specialized form of traction is more comfortable than 1st or 2nd generation Traction. It limits or altogether eliminates muscle guarding and as a result produces a pumping movement in the disc which increases the movement of fluids and nutrients into the discs and spinal joints. This is known as “Imbibition.” Imbibition occurs when the disc absorbs fluids from its surroundings. In this manner the disc receives nutrients. When spinal joints and discs are functioning or “moving” normally these movements produce a pumping action. This pumping action is often reduced and even lost completely as a result of spinal injuries. These include strains, sprains, slips, falls, motor vehicle crashes and can even result from years of inactivity or neglect of our spinal health. As a result of this loss of motion, nutrient and fluid movement is reduced in the joints and discs. Over a period of time the disc and joints thin or “degenerate” and lose their water content and “dehydrate.” As this degeneration and dehydration progresses it results in disc disease called “arthritis” and makes disc injury including bulges and herniations more likely.

“Furthermore, it reduces the likelihood of muscle guarding or spasm, increases spinal motion and stimulates Imbibition: the movement of nutrients & fluids back into the disc & joints.”

DTS Treatment

The determination as to whether you are a candidate for DTS treatment is made after a complete, chiropractic, orthopedic, neurological and radiographic evaluation is performed and MRI or other spinal imaging has verified the level of spinal or disc injury.

After identifying the levels and severity of your disc or spinal injury Dr. Faro will develop a program specific to your needs. Initial treatment may include physical therapy and manipulation in addition to treatment on the DTS device itself.

DTS treatment times may vary between 10-20 minutes or more. Initial treatments are shorter and as you progress through the program treatment times are increased. You may be placed face up or face down and the positioning may change during treatments, but at all times the treatment will be designed to be comfortable for you.

Upon completion of the initial stage of treatment Dr. Faro will review your progress and perform a re-evaluation. If your response has been favorable, you will enter the second and then third stages of spinal rehabilitation. These stages are designed to continue to improve motion, stabilize and strengthen your spine, continue the healing process and reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

“As a physician, I help people to improve their health, decrease their risk of disease and lead lives free of pain.”
“The most valuable possession you have is your health. Therefore, find a physician who will listen and thoroughly examine you. Without your health, you have nothing.”


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