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Our patients are routinely looking for alternative treatments and many wish to utilizing alternative measures for preventing and reducing the risk of future disease. With these goals in mind Dr. Faro is constantly reviewing the latest information and research on nutrition and preventative medicine.  His physicals routinely include blood chemistry evaluations such as CMP, CBC, Thyroid, Lipid, Gluten, Gut permeability, Genetic and Immune testing to name just a few.  Lifestyle changes, dietary and nutrient recommendations are routinely made.  This is why Dr. Faro only utilizes nutritional supplements which are produced with the same exacting standards as pharmaceuticals and which are often called nutraceuticals. To achieve this goal Dr. Faro began working on his own line nutriceutical called Buona Vita.  Buona Vita means "Good Life" and is what Dr. Faro strives to help his patients achieve.  The Buona Vita line of Nutraceuticals was registered with the US Department of Patents and Trademarks on Feb 17, 2009.  Buona vita Nutraceuticals allow Dr. Faro to provide exact dosages of herbs or nutrients specifically for you and your exact needes. This assures that each patient receives consistent results and benefits.  All Buona Vita Nutritionals are guaranteed for potency, purity, and quility are always free of chemicals addatives and preservative and are Gluten Free.

About the Examination

High Energy and Vitality Start with Healthy Lifestyle ! If your consultation is in person or by telemedicine Conference you will be asked to complete a questionnaire beforehand. This will give Dr. Faro an overview of your current level of health. Dr. Faro will then be able to supplement his insight into your health by asking further questions.   During the examination, we will look at the over-all requirements for your individual case. Healthy Lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on the individual’s health, physical performance and state of mind! With planning, commitment and knowledge, our bodies and our minds perform in the highest order, with vitality and strength. By paying attention to the Chemical, Physical and Emotional aspects of our health we can improve health and quality of life. Chemical health is based on the Neuro endocrine system and governed by the Macro and Micro nutrients we consume.  Chemical = What we eat.  The Physical component is the acute biomechanical function of the body and is negatively affected by poor posture, overuse, and poor spinal function.  Physical = Chiropractic.  The emotional component is how we and our bodies react to the stress of life, emotional , physical and chemical combined.  To acquire true health and prevent dis-ease in the body we must address all of these factors.  This what Dr. Faro does with each patient. 

Maximum health and vitality is learned and earned with each  positive choice we make on a daily basis.  These include what we do and do not eat, drink, and put on our bodies.   By constructing mealtimes in a relaxed atmosphere with family and friends (No Cell Phones) we create a significantly more enjoyable experience while we are give ourselves the greatest gift of all. Increased health, longevity and vitality!!!   

On your visits we strive to uncover the root cause of your aliments.  We utilize state of the art blood chemistry testing and other sophisticated labs such as Genetic, SIBO, Immunoglobulin testing and Stool assessments,   We often order MRI's, Ultrasounds, ECK and other tests which are all combined to properly diagnose and monitor your response to our treatment recommendations.  This is the only way to approach a medical concern.  

Dr. Anthony E. Faro, III , BS, MS, DC, DABCI


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